Hi there! This blog will be about the change and continuity of Clarke Quay. You will learn the history of Clarke Quay through reading this blog. One can also see the changes of Clarke Quay and the things that remains. Enjoy! :D

Done By: Choy Rui Zhi, Ryan Chew and Chan Kuang Seng :P

"To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity."
- Roy P. Basler


    • Today was the day I finally paid my first visit to the Asian Civilization Museum. On the way to the Asian Civilization Museum, we past Clarke Quay and also the few bridges, including the Coleman Bridge. It certainly feels better walking past there because the old pictures and the current Clarke Quay has a complete difference.

      The museum was large and inside was like a maze to me. Inside, there was creepy music and the environment was naturally dark. This made the place feel more like an ancient place to a modern place. With the environment of the museum, this kinds of re-enacts the scene of the olden days.

      -Ryan Chew-

      I enjoyed the most is the part when we get to go to Clarke Quay and the Museum to do the task. The challenges we faced is time, we did not managed our time properly thus leaving the part where we create the blog less time to do, however we managed to get back and did our work. My group was fine except due to communication limit we are unable to contact one of our team member for the work, but overall we are fine. I think my team can do better we are more task oriented instead of fooling around for some time. 

      -Choy Rui Zhi-

      Overall, we all enjoy the trip to Clark Quay and the Museum :B 

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